It happens every year..........

         As spring draws near and good weather is finally on the horizon,  I am reminded of what life was like 6 months ago. Enjoying lots of sunshine , beach days and surf.  Maybe even sneaking in a cold drink or two.........  This time of year, as we see little snippets of sunshine that bring us back to a time when 65 degree nights were considered freezing,  we also start project planning and even chipping away at our to-do lists and must do lists.  

The day we started this railing renovation, it was below freezing with winds blowing 30.  The day we finished its was 60 and the sun was shining.  It was a reminder for us how truly great our area is and how soon the summer season is coming.   

To start planning your project give us a call or drop us an email.  Get ahead of the busy season and plan now so you can have that cold drink and enjoy the summer with your new fence, railing or outdoor project. 

Fence for Friends!!

This fence was removed from a customers house in Sea Isle City.  The wood fence was in great shape and served them well for many of years.  The fence was replaced with a vinyl fence mainly due to the low maintenance nature of vinyl fencing and of course you don't have to paint it. 

While I was removing the fence I remembered a conversation I had with some friends about how they wanted to do a reclaimed wood project in their new home.  This cedar is perfect for that sort of thing.  So glad this material didn't end up in a landfill.